Dissemination at a major event

While each of the two testing trials during conferences will be excellent places for dissemination, through universities networks and partnerships, we have identified an opportunity to maximize impact of the action. The world-renown conference OCEANS will take place in Limerick, Ireland in June 2023 and online. This conference alternates between Asia, Europe and North America and will be coming to Europe in 2023 so this is an excellent opportunity. The three Universities are involved in this activity and will attend in person and present the project to a large global audience interacting with many attendees and
reaching out directly to interested parties in a way that is sometimes hard to find in the online world. This conference will have a strong component related to the UN Ocean Decade and this will be a perfect venue to advertise and promote our project. Moreover, the MASK consortium is organizing a special session in marine robotics education for targeted interaction with other related projects.

It is expected that this activity will lead to a wide dissemination among the large marine technologies community and will significantly increase the impact of the project. In particular, by presenting to a wide audience at an early stage of the project, there is a higher possibility of reaching out to others that may be potentially interested in using the results of the project (especially the developed marine robotics and AI course) and to create follow up projects with like-minded interested parties.