Training the trainers

Complementary to the lectures targeting students (first activity), remote training and motivational sessions to involve the teachers will take place at an early stage of the project. These sessions (online as well) will make sure that the digital skills of teachers are increased and that teachers are fully ready to support the students throughout the project. The sessions will focus on the specific topics that the students may need help with as well as on how robotics can help teachers to teach Maths, Physics and other related subjects.

The expected results of this activity include better awareness of new technologies such as marine robotics and AI among the teachers target group and better readiness/resilience based on newly acquired digital skills. A secondary result is the medium/long-term impact related to the sustainability of the project activities. By training teachers, we ensure that the activities developed within the project can be continued with different classes after the project end. Moreover, we will contribute to the future inclusion of marine robotics and AI in extra-curriculum activities.

The first training the trainers session took place on the 14th December 2022 where the Universities discussed with the high school teachers what are their skills and learning interests and what could the universities teach. As the digital skills of the teachers were high at starting point, the second and third sessions will be focused on preparation for the remote trials followed by preparation for the trials at sea.